Coron, Palawan — Malampaya Foundation Inc. (MFI) in partnership with the barangay local government of Bulalacao, Coron launched Tanglaw Paaralan on February 7, 2018 on the remote off-grid island of Sitio Canipo.

Barangay Bulalacao, composed of several islands, is a marine biodiversity conservation partner of MFI in Coron, Palawan since 2015 and has been awarded among the best-managed marine protected areas (MPAs) in North Palawan.

Tanglaw Paaralan is an incentive to community partners with excellent conservation performance. It seeks to enhance the educational experience of off-grid public school students through solar-powered multi-media and Knowledge Channel educational package, serving as effective teaching aids for teachers.

Since piloting Tanglaw Paaralan in 2013, teachers have reported reduced absenteeism and improved test scores among students.