Enterprise for Conservation

Having alternative means to make a living in coastal communities is a dire need to reduce overfishing and other illegal fishing methods that lead to degradation of marine ecosystems.
Enterprise for Conservation Program aims to uplift the socio-economic conditions of fisherfolk families through capacity-building and inputs for community-based social and conservation enterprise development. The enterprise development support is provided as a conservation incentive to partner community people’s organizations who are in a conservation covenant with MFI and the local government units. In return, a percentage of profits (10-15%) from MFI-supported enterprise projects are allocated for grassroots conservation actions.

The enterprise projects, ranging from trading, product development, services and production, are suited to the community’s available resources, market potential and other opportunities. Enterprise for Conservation aims to further empower the people’s organizations and communities in becoming more economically self-sufficient and sustaining through continuing mentoring and capacity-building.