Employment and Self-Employment Generation

MFI helps generate employment and self-employment through its in-center and community-based technical skills training programs Bridging Employment through Skills Training (BEST), Sanayan sa Ikauunlad ng Kaalamang Pangkabuhayan (SIKAP) and Galing at Negosyo Dulot ay Asenso (GANDA).  Generating employment by equipping out of school youths and unemployed-but-able adults with essential skills is the most successful socio-economic improvement program of the foundation.

BEST enables out-of-school youths and unemployed adults to become productive citizens through technical-industrial vocational skills training in welding, pipe-fitting, piping insulation, scaffolding, building operative skills, instrumentation, machining and others. Majority of graduates are employed in local or international light to heavy industries. In addition to trade skills, trainees undergo values formation and character-building sessions, as well as English proficiency to make them more competent and confident in landing jobs.

SIKAP and GANDA are generally geared for self-employment with potential for enterprise development.  Trainings are mainly community-based and are matched with the needs and opportunities present in the locality.