Batangas City—To help revive the environment in the surrounding areas of Tingga Falls in Batangas City, indigenous and/or endemic tree species were planted yesterday in partnership with Trees for Life Foundation, Batangas City local government and the local community of barangay Tingga.

More than 280 tree seedlings from Punlang Katutubo such as Banaba, Narra, Kamaging, Toog and Ilang-ilang were planted on steep slopes to help stabilize the terrain of the target areas and help regenerate the lost pristine beauty of the place due in part to the flourishing of hog farms close to the waterways.

MFI’s Punlang Katutubo Native Trees Nursery in Batangas City propagates indigenous and endemic Philippine tree species that are either critically-endangered, endangered and/or endemic. The seedlings are used for reforestation, greening and urban-scaping purposes in partnership with local governments of Batangas and Trees for Life Foundation