Batangas City — Malampaya Foundation Inc.’s (MFI) native tree nursery at Barangay Cuta, Batangas City has been named “Punlang Katutubo”, a name reflective of the indigenous and endemic Philippine trees it has committed to produce as part of its biodiversity conservation goals.

The nursery started operations and production in June 2019 and has since produced nearly 6,000 seedlings of about 20 native tree species including Toog, Kamagong, Narra, Siar, Banaba, Ipil, Kalumpit, Pili, Supa, Paguringon, Ilang-ilang and Dao.

“The Philippines has over 3,600 native tree species, many of which are threatened or endangered/critically-endangered and unknown to the lay Filipino. The Philippines also has very attractive native trees that can rival cherry blossoms and golden shower, we should be propagating more of our own than planting exotic species that are a threat to our native ecosystems”, said MFI executive director Karen Agabin.

MFI will continue to add inventory of other endangered Philippine native and endemic trees to support its preservation and propagation efforts.