El Nido, Palawan — Malampaya Foundation’s (MFI’s) campaign entitled “Corals are Animals” was awarded an Anvil silver award by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines on March 23, 2018.

The multi-year campaign is run in coastal communities and schools to educate children and coastal residents about the role, importance and characteristics of corals/reefs, and to correct mis-impressions that corals are merely rocks but are actually living animals. The campaign includes other important marine ecosystems like mangroves, seagrass and beach forest.

The information-education campaigns and youth camps aim to address lack of basic knowledge about coastal ecosystems which causes continued degradation of coral reefs through illegal and unsustainable fishing and eco-tourism practices. The campaigns and camps are implemented regularly by MFI with partners such as provincial and local governments, DENR, PCSD and local community organisations.

The award was received by MFI chairman Rufino Bomasang, MFI President Belinda Racela, MFI finance manager Ronald Bustos and Shell Philippines Exploration finance director Lorelie Quiambao.