Malampaya Foundation (MFI) and Western Philippines University (WPU) recently transferred and restocked locally-extinct Philippines' true native giant clam Tridacna gigas in select strict marine protection zones in El Nido and Coron, Palawan. The transfer of adult and juvenile clams of the said species aims to expand the presence of the hatchery-grown giant clam species, declared locally-extinct in the 1980s, to support its long-term survival and presence.

MFI and WPU started the partnership in late 2012 to culture and propagate threatened and endangered invertebrates such as abalone and trochus to restock reefs and enable the species to play its role in the marine ecosystem. In 2018 giant clams were added to the species for propagation, with trial spawning of Tridacna squamosa and Hippopus hippopus. The locally-extinct Tridacna gigas was spawned in-situ in June 2019 after confirmation by the late National Scientist for marine science Dr. Edgardo Gomez, a former MFI trustee, of a few breeders present in Palawan.

Restocking of the endangered and locally-extinct invertebrate species is a feature of MFI’s marine biodiversity conservation program under its Rehabilitation component.  Other marine species restocked are beach forest trees, mangroves and select coral species.  Indigenous trees are also planted on the landward zones of the marine conservation sites of MFI.