Observing health protocols due to Covid, Malampaya Foundation Inc. (MFI) has resumed various community-based skills trainings that generate employment and self-employment opportunities for its partner communities.

The resumptions were welcomed by communities that have been economically affected by the lockdowns imposed by the national and local governments since March 2020. The skills trainings are implemented under MFI’s Sanayan sa Ikauunlad ng Kaalamang Pangkabuhayan (SIKAP) and Galing at Negosyo Dulot ay Asenso (GANDA) which provides masculine and feminine-oriented skills trainings coupled with quality tools and kits.

Trainings under SIKAP are building operative technical and maintenance skills such as carpentry, masonry, tile-setting, small engine repair, solar system installation and maintenance, computer servicing, etc. Trainings under GANDA range from culinary, production and wellness skills such as food processing, grooming, sewing, cooking and baking and others.

The skills trainings are successful in providing supplemental sources of income to coastal area residents, most of which are marine biodiversity conservation-partner communities of MFI.