Grassroots conservation is a tedious task especially with the quality time, attention and focus an organisation must invest in order to make a difference at this level.

For Malampaya Foundation (MFI), the mission of instilling a mindset of conservation includes the involvement of community members not only during clean-ups, environmental laws enforcement and coral nurseries establishment, but likewise the care for native tree seedlings that will be used for reforestation of denuded mountains, watersheds, beach forest and mangrove areas.

Community-based nurseries have been established in several conservation sites with some communities bringing the task to the next level by undertaking home-based tending to about 10 seedlings per household.

Community-based tree nurseries have been established in various barangays in Linapacan, Taytay and Coron in Palawan and Pinamalayan in Oriental Mindoro. While mangrove nurseries were established in Pola and Pinamalayan in Oriental Mindoro and Linapacan in Palawan.

The tree nurseries meant for reforestation of mountain, beach and mangrove forests are seen to greatly complement the marine conservation efforts at the barangay’s coastal areas.