Oriental Mindoro —BPI Foundation (BPIF), the social arm of the Bank of Philippine Islands, and Malampaya Foundation Inc (MFI) teamed up and signed a partnership in September 2023 to undertake additional skills trainings in south Oriental Mindoro to support recovery of select oil spill-affected towns in the province.

Named “Bayanihan para sa Oriental Mindoro”, the partnership targets some of the municipalities affected by the oil spill that transpired last March 30, 2023 from an oil tanker off the shores of Naujan and Pola, resulting in damages to marine ecosystems and loss of livelihoods.  The bayanihan partnership implemented NCII skills trainings to generate employment and self-employment among successful trainees from the municipalities of Pola, Bansud and Roxas funded by BPIF and executed by MFI.

In addition, BPIF conducted workshops on finance education for trainees to impart important knowledge to trainees on personal financial wellness that covered savings, investments, insurance, credit and spending wisely.

The skills trainings benefited a total of 170 men and women in industrial and building-operative skills such as scaffolding, masonry, carpentry and tile-setting.  For women, a training in sewing was conducted in the town of Pola.  Successful trainees were provided with NCII certificates, quality tools and materials to support start-up and/or enhancement of their crafts.