Coastal Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency


Water search and rescue

The frequency and degree of impact of calamities brought forth by climate change in recent years has risen steadily, resulting to increased damage to property and lives, often to the unaware and unprepared citizens. Despite the existence of various government and non-government disaster response infrastructure and services, it is often inadequate or subjected to delays before reaching intended location and victims.


Formation of community-based disaster management and
response team

The Philippines is visited by an estimated 20 typhoons annually. According to the Global Climate Risk Index, the Philippines had the world's highest death toll caused by weather-related disasters in 2011. Continuous degradation of coastal and terrestrial environments have aggravated this phenomenon, leaving populations with no natural defense against coastal storm surges, rising waters, landslides and flooding.

Shoreline Communities Onwards to Resiliency (SHORE) aims to capacitate coastline communities to become more self-sufficient in disaster/emergency preparedness and management in the event of natural and man-made calamities. It does not replace government and other professional disaster management/mitigation services but seeks to be complementary and collaborative. We carry this out in partnership with key agencies such as the Philippine Coast Guard, Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippine Red Cross, Local governments

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