Coral rehabilitation in Malampaya Sound, Palawan starts

Posted: June 5, 2015

Taytay, Palawan - Rehabilitation of heavily-damaged reef areas in the outer Malampaya Sound in Taytay, Palawan was started by Malampaya Foundation (MFI) together with the Taytay Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Protected Area Office (DENR-PAO) and volunteer community divers of barangay Tumbod.


The rehabilitation method adopted was the “plug-in" of live coral base fragments to the seabed and is stabilised using coral rubbles. Coral fragments collected during initial rehab activity belong to Acroporidae, Pocilloporidae and sub-massive Porites (Porites cylindrical).

Sites selected for rehabilitation are areas damaged by illegal methods of fishing such as dynamite and cyanide fishing. The initial rehabilitation effort was conducted at Sabino reef near the coastal barangay of Tumbod of the outer Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape and Seascape in northwest Palawan.

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