1. INTEGRITY. We believe that operating with integrity is essential to earn a place in communities that we help. Together with our partners in serving communities, we work to attain sustainable development goals wholeheartedly and connect with our stakeholders with honesty at all times.

2. RESPECT. We have high regard for the culture, inherent values and rights of people and protection of the environment, hence we ensure our programs do not compromise these. We strive to be a respected member of the community in order to build trust and lasting relationships #essential for successful development.

3. EQUALITY. We believe that sustainable development is being fair and giving equal importance to all. We strive to empower and provide equal opportunity regardless of gender, race, religion, physical ability or socio-economic condition, so long as the needed qualifications and commitments are met.

4. SAFETY. We are committed to implement our programs in a safe manner and strive to transfer #this practice to our beneficiaries and communities wherein we work. We regard safety as a tool that is integral to our operations--work is not carried out unless we are assured of safety.

5. HUMILITY. We believe that no one has monopoly over good ideas or best practices. As we work with people and communities, we are taught many valuable things: that communities possess a wealth of wisdom and yet they are in dire need. The knowledge and desire to overcome poverty is inherent, hence the need for us to lead and yet follow.

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